Checked off.

That would be the status of the “get visa” item on my checklist. It arrived today by FedEx and I found it stuck in the screen door when I came home from work this afternoon. Basically, all they did was perform a few upgrades to my passport – my Certificate of Eligibility has been stapled inside, and on the facing page is the rather ornate sticker that is my student visa. It looks like a slightly more specific version of the inside info page of your average passport, but with a slightly less good-quality photo.*

Stapled to the back cover are letters from both IES and Nanzan University, telling them that yes, they know I’m coming. There’s an awful lot of paperwork involved, considering that I’m moving between two first-world countries that are on fairly good terms with each other.

Going back to that checklist, I should mention that it’s four pages long and getting longer. It doesn’t help that I’m the sort to write down things I’ve already done, just to check them off. Or that I’ve written “work” down six times, just so I can check it off every day. *sigh*

*I didn’t know that this was possible.



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2 responses to “Checked off.

  1. Dad

    Glad it all worked out in the end and that you’re cleared for takeoff. Less than 2 weeks to go!

  2. Aunt Bonnie

    Maureen – the Cat Cafes – what is their purpose? kitty or poeple comfort OR both? Loving your entries – Bonnie

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