Everything but the Cat

DSCN1434, originally uploaded by Maurimoii.

I spent most of this afternoon figuring out what exactly I’m going to be bringing with me. If you click on the photo, the Flickr version has (extensive) notes as to what is what, but a few salient points.

I decided to follow IES’s packing recommendations as they pertain to shoes – one pair of dress shoes (I chose a pair that can double as walking shoes), a pair of walking shoes, sneakers, and sandals. I’m planning on wearing the sneakers on the plane, due to their hulking size.

I brought exactly seven paperbacks, including Anna Karenina, a book I’ve been meaning to read for years. The others are sci-fi and/or alternate history, i.e. comfort reading. This is either too many books, or not enough. *sigh*

There’s enough yarn there for four knitting projects, all mostly portable, though the shawl soon won’t be. Again, too much or not enough, who knows? Presumably, there are bookstores and craft stores in Japan. ; )

All of this is planned to fit into three bags; a largish roll bag for checking, a backpack, and one of those small roll bags that can be carried onto the plane. I’m including an empty duffle bag, just in case consumerism takes over and souvenirs run rampant.

There are exactly four things missing from this picture – my camera, of course, the winter coat that has yet to arrive by mail, the duffle bag, and an as-of-yet unpurchased gift for my host family. Oh, and Boomer the cat of course.

Now I’m going to go pack everything I can and make a list of everything I still need for the next eleven days.



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3 responses to “Everything but the Cat

  1. Dad

    Now, if I could just hire you to organize the packing for my upcoming 3 month road trip (including the embedded trip to Japan), I’ll be all set!!

  2. Dad

    Pow?? Pow still exists? The original “pink pow?” That’s great! “Pow” goes to Japan. You could write a book!

  3. alicia

    I’m in the process of gathering everything I’m going to take with me. Now for the questions:

    1. I see you took your laptop (or at least, were going to). Where did that end up going, and how (checked/carry-on; separate bag, etc.)?

    2. You have your phone for use in the US in that picture; did you end up getting one for use in Japan once you got there? Renee said there’s some guy that comes during orientation and offers phones…?

    3. For when you were in the dorms, did you need (or want) flipflop-type somethings to wear on your feet for the showers? (I keep seeing the words “communal showers” and flinching.)

    4. Anything in particular you have to say about what to pack? (I already heard about the toiletry issue.)

    5. (non-packing related; general, insane, curiosity) How often did you encounter the squat toilets?

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