Right! Postcards!

I have a bit of a list going for postcards from Japan right now and I thought I’d open it up to this audience. You can either reply to my original e-mail about this blog, or you can comment here and I’ll reply to you and you can reply to me with your address, keeping the privacy all around. Also, note in your comment/e-mail whether or not you happen to be a fan of the short-lived TV show, Firefly.



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6 responses to “Right! Postcards!

  1. CB

    Update to my email: Chelsea says we do get SPOs, so yeah.

  2. Cecy

    We’ve already had this conversation…I think. And you do know that I like Firefly, right?

  3. Allegra

    Eh. This may be too late, but I’d like a postcard if you can send me one. 😛 Also, Firefly’s okay. It may be better if I get around to watching it from the beginning.

  4. CurlySue

    I was wondering how you get the “possibly related posts” to work on your site.

  5. I like it. pl. sign me up.

    kamlesh patel


  6. jayachandran12


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