Last Minute

I told you I had big feet.

Just kidding, these are the unfelted versions of the Felted Clogs (AC-33) (by Bev Galeskas) I made for Japan. I noticed that there were more than a few places that recommended slippers for students going to Japan and decided to make my own, rather than throw myself at the mercy of Japanese shoe stores.

I know this is starting to seem more like a Knitting blog than a Going to a Foreign Country blog, but that’s mostly because knitting is what I’ve been doing instead of what I should be doing to prepare for my trip. Part of me is also worried that this is the last bit of knitting I’m going to be doing for the next four months.

Anyways, fear not, for I am leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30. There’s layover in San Francisco and the plane for Nagoya departs around 11AM. We arrive at 2:30PM (or so) on Friday and they’ll pick us up at the airport.

I’ve been thinking more and more about the orientation part of the first few weeks. From the airport, we’re almost immediately whisked off to the IES orientation outside of town. It’s mostly a “welcome to Japan, please don’t wear your shoes inside” kind of orientation and last about four days. Then they take us back to Nagoya to meet our host families and to start the actual Nanzan University orientation, which is more of the “register for classes, take placement tests” sort. That last a week. Classes don’t even start until the 10th. Yikes.

I have no idea when I’ll next have internet access, starting from when I leave tomorrow. I’m thinking, at the earliest, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday, Japan time. I’ll post when I first get the chance.

Oh, a note about time. Japan is all on one time zone, for whatever reason. They are currently 16 hours ahead of the west coast, 15 ahead of mountain time, 14 ahead of the midwest, and 13 ahead of the east coast. Arizona is currently 16 hours ahead, but that will change to 15 hours sometime in November. After this post is, well, posted, I’m be changing the blog time to Japanese time.

(That sounds about right. Is that right?) 

Okay, so maybe not. Arizona’s time difference doesn’t change, it’s always 16 hours. However, every other time zone slides forward an hour. Someone double-check that.

Pretty cool, huh? I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Winter Night and Shoreline Twist, as well as some Arctic Pool Heather that isn’t visible.

See them on Ravelry.



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3 responses to “Last Minute

  1. Dad

    For someone who grew up scared to death of clowns, you sure do have the feet for it! Nice looking slippers and the main thing is — I bet they fit perfectly! Good luck with the travel plan, hope everything goes smoothly in the “getting there” department.

  2. Dad

    Further analysis of the time zone situation reveals that actually when daylight savings goes off in the U.S. the night of 11/1/2008, the times slide BACK an hour. East coast 14 hours behind Nagoya, Central 15, Mountain 16, AZ stays 16, Pacific 17. Throroughly confused now?

  3. Han Bean

    heys! Those shoes look awesome! I want to make a pair now!
    ( The mittens that have the pocket for tickets is an amazing idea too!)
    I can’t wait to see pictures of Japan and hear stories! ^^

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