Food thus far

Eating has been an interesting experience for the past two weeks or so. Sometimes it’s been gross, sometimes it’s been beyond delicious, and sometimes it’s been so difficult we feared starvation.

One of the first ‘meals’ many of us had this trip was whatever convenience store food we could scrounge our first night in Nagoya. From then on, on our orientation trip at least, breakfast and dinner were provided, while we pursued lunch on our own. We didn’t complain much.

Mostly because dinner looked like this (the writing near the bottom of the tray means that mine is free from peppers).

Or this. This was actually eaten on a boat on our way to watch cormorant fishing. At this point we were getting a little weary of snapping the heads off of shrimp (the raw ones have raspberry-blue brains) and trying to figure out how to pull apart the fish in order to extract some nutritional value.

We weren’t too shabby at finding food ourselves, though.

Many of us had chasshumen (ramen with pork) at the same shop both days we were in Inuyama for orientation.

Finally, a few other food points that caught my attention.

This is, I believe, a sort of cucumber onna stick. Not intended for ease of cooking – I found it in the takeout section of the convenience store.

A yakisoba (grilled noodles) sandwich, found in the same area. No, I didn’t buy either of these. At this point, most of us were still ice cream fiends, due to the weather.

That’s all foodwise, for now. I’ve been having trouble finding the time and the capacity to upload photos to the internet, so my list of planned posts is growing rapidly, while my posting slows. So far, I have a photo tour of the neighborhood around my host family’s apartment building and pictures from my visit to a cat cafe set to go up sometime in the next week. On Friday, I’m also planning on doing ’12 on the 12th,’ a set of twelve pictures taken on the 12th of the month, hopefully to give you guys some idea of my daily routine.



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3 responses to “Food thus far

  1. Dad

    Great pictures! But I see lots of eyes and feelers. Creepy. Makes me wonder if my upcoming trip to Nagoya in November will end up being a pre-Thanksgiving Lenten fast of sorts!

  2. Sus

    I can see that your Dad and I have very different reactions to your food pictures. Mine was Yum! Can I go and try all those things? I sat staring intently at all the little sections trying to figure out what they all were and wishing I could try them all (well – maybe not all, but most). I probably prefer that my food not stare back at me, but it doesn’t stop me from eating it. I just put my napkin over the detritus afterward to give it a decent farewell. Everything is so beautifully laid out. I’d always heard that was true of Japanese food, and I’d seen some of it in restaurants here, but nothing to compare with those beautiful pictures. The noodle dish looks very much like the ones I had at the noodle houses in Hawaii. They call them saimin and they’re delicious. I even made Michael stop at the noodle shop on the way to the airport as I was leaving to pick up some for my lunch. I ate them in the waiting lounge after putting them through the xray machine. Everyone was jealous.

  3. shizuku_san

    That’s a pickled cucumber. (漬けもの)

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