Neighborhood Tour

Last week,  popped my head out of the apartment and took a quick walk around the neighborhood. I’m in a part of town that is quite obviously part of the city, but the are still a few groves of trees and some ragged edges that construction hasn’t quite filled in.

My first stop was the top floor of the apartment building where my host family lives (on the first floor). It seemed like a really great idea…until I got up there and remembered my fear of heights that happened to be over 30 feet. So I snapped this and the next few pictures and ran back down as fast as I could.

The building in the upper-right corner is a hospital, apparently a fairly famous one in the area. The building ‘behind’ it is the children’s clinic. The front walkway is decorated with Pokemon posters.

The is the intersection that I used to go through on my way to the station. Just this week I switched to a route that takes me through a quieter area and involves less doubling-back.

Besides the occasional supermarket, small department store or pharmacy, there’s quite a few small shops selling cakes and teddy bears (?) and, as seen here, custom made blouses and shirts.

Yards as most Americans know them are practically nonexistent in my neighborhood, even for people who have stand alone houses (though, ‘stand alone’ is a bit of a misnomer as you’ll see in a few pictures). Many people have these tiny little gardens growing in their carports and the foot of space between their house and the street.

The back of my apartment building. It’s fairly new and nice inside.

Probably the most common bit of ‘Engrish’ I see in my neighborhood is the interjection of (multiple) exclamation points into the middle of a phrase.

If anyone has an explanation for this, the surrounding of a house with clear bottles of liquid, I would love to hear it.

A lot of people were airing their futon on the railings, since it hadn’t rained for the first day in a while. Also, notice the gap between the houses – about a foot or so.

This is a Shiba dog, a rather popular breed in Japan. They’re really cute and you can bet that any ad or commercial that involves dogs will have an image of one of these.

This is the Kita Ward office building, where I went to get registered as a foreigner and sign up for health insurance. This picture and the next one were taken with my camera on the ‘vivid color’ setting, which I will definitely be experimenting with when I get my replacement.

This is near the ward office, a sort of combination overpass/restaurant venue.

PS I’m editing the Cat Cafe post to include the names of the kitties.



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3 responses to “Neighborhood Tour

  1. shizuku_san

    I heard somewhere that bottles of water like that keep dogs from peeing there.

  2. Dad

    Only thing I can add is that clear plastic bags or bottles of water can be hung from the ceiling to keep flies away indoors. Doesn’t translate very well to bottles on the ground outside, though. The previous comment makes more sense. Gotta be some sort of “pest” control most likely.

  3. jyankee

    Yes I heard the same as Shizuku-san and the cats don’t like the glare that the sun gives off from the reflection of the pet bottles…so they stay away… sorry.. I was wandering thru blogs and decided to visit. Hope you don’t mind.

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