Green Camera

For a green thumb I have not.

However, my mom asked for a few pictures of the local vegetation and I decided to oblige.

For a certain value of ‘local’ of course. This Japanese Cedar tree in is actually in Inuyama, right up near the castle there. It was around 650 years old when it was struck by lightning in 1955. Since the locals viewed the tree as having protected the castle from damage, they decided to keep it around.

I’ve mentioned before the tendency of the people in my neighborhood to squeeze gardens in wherever they could, but this one takes the cake. Check it out – it’s actually on a bit of platform overhanging the small canal that runs through my neighborhood.

This picture was actually taken across the river from my neigborhood. The area seemed to have a lot of community-type gardens and a few small garden/farm plots shared by the neighbors.

There was a whole row of these smallish trees with supports set up around them. Judging from the nearby larger trees, the supports ensure that they don’t blow over in the next typhoon or grow sideways into a building.

Another nifty point – a lot of the tress that are growing in parks and on school campuses (even elementary schools) have these nifty little plaques that give their names in Japanese and Latin.

A close-up of the plaque. The Japanese name is Kusonoki (koo-soh-noh-kee). No idea what the means. Okay, Maggie apparently looked it up and it’s a Camphor Tree.

Bonus shot for the similarly plant-disinclined. This kitten is a resident of the pet shop near Nagoya Dome and I’ve taken to stopping by whenever I’m in the area. He is seriously the prettiest kitten I have ever seen – his coat is perfectly even in color and he has that perfectly slender form that screams ‘feline.’ Now, if only he didn’t cost 200,000 yen.

ETA – For some reason, the computer has turned a few of these photos sideways, which is a pain, since PhotoBucket says that they’re oriented correctly. I’ll try to fix it, but until then, well, I assume you all have working necks?



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2 responses to “Green Camera

  1. Erin

    Tell me there’s an extra zero there. Or two. Please.

  2. shizuku_san

    楠(くすのき) = camphor tree

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