Candid Camera

I don’t really mean actual Candid Camera type antics, though my host family did express some surprise when I started taking pictures of them doing things like eating dinner and watching TV.

Of course, they immediately retaliated by taking pictures of me, so I guess they’re okay with it. I’m eating black sesame seed ice cream here. Pretty tasty.

Like I said, though, still a bit confused. This is my host “mom” and the Mini Monster.

Mini Monster’s main occupation, besides going to preschool, is dancing and singing along to the same boy band music video over and over. They’re called Arashi and if I don’t have that song memorized by the end of December, I’ll be almost disappointed. Almost.

He also has a lifetime goal to see how many times he can sneak into my room. So far, Mini Monster – 3, Me – 25. I’m also experimenting here with Angella Dykstra’s How To Take Great Pictures Of Your Kids, mostly the idea of putting the kid in the corner of the shot.

This shot is from yesterday. He was wearing khakis, a button-down shirt, a vest, a bowtie and suspenders when I got home, apparently because he had just finished his Montessori School interview. That’s right, they interview three-year-olds at these fancier daycares. Oy.

Anyway, I didn’t want to ask how it went, but as he was coming in the door he asked “Are you still mad?” and his mom replied “Not anymore.” Ruh roh.

I got these two pictures before he decided that he was done. Took him about ten minutes, but he got it all off.

Lest you think this post was about the kid (so much easier to take kid candids than adult candids), I’ll throw in some grown-ups. These are a few fellow IES peeps hanging out before going to Mama Mia! (in Japanese). The camera was behaving especially well that day.



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6 responses to “Candid Camera

  1. Dad

    Great stuff. Before you know it, you’ll be talking about bringing the Mini Monster home with you! Kids have a way of growing on you. You look great and the ice cream looks good, too! Hope the candids didn’t create an international incident…

  2. jyankee

    Oh… I wonder if mini-monster has any hidden meaning? Just kidding.. Yeah I believe the lining up and interviewing for pre-school thing. They have parents at the most famous daycares line up the night before! Don’t worry.. my kid goes to a REGULAR school (1st grade) though she did go to a montessori based daycare. But we didn’t line up for it or interview for it either… Does that mean we’re not normal???

  3. Sus

    I’m really enjoying the window on your world. After living with the mini-monster for a few months , C and L should be a cinch. And you get to throw in a cat,. What’s not to like? As for kiddie interviews, I guess there was an ‘interview’ for Sunshine Nursery School back in Boston. At age three, it consisted of playing with the other kids and not beating anybody up. It does make one wonder about ‘Are you still mad?’

  4. CB

    Is it bad that it took a while for me to figure out who C and L were in the above post?

    And hell yeah there was an interview. That was back when I was outrageously cute, before the “insufferably obnoxious” phase that Maureen first knew me in. So I totally rocked it.

  5. shizuku_san

    That is by far my favorite flavor of ice cream, but I haven’t been able to find it in America, even at the Japanese grocery. 😦

  6. Mom

    I think MiniMonster is very cute! Maybe you need to kick a ball back abd forth with him or take him to a park to run around and use up some energy

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