1000 Hits!

As of right this instant, WordPress’ Blog Stats tells me that my blog has received exactly 1,000 hits. Thank you everyone!

As a special treat, first person to comment can name their souvenir from Japan. (Obviously, if you are in Japan, you are disqualified)



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8 responses to “1000 Hits!

  1. CB

    Can I have a kitty?

    Oh, wait, you’re bringing one of those next semester anyway.

    I defer the prize to the next poster.

  2. Michaela

    Hey. What are those flowers called they are beautiful? 1000 eh? That’s pretty spiffy.

  3. Erin


    Like in Sailor Moon. >.>

  4. jyankee

    Damn! Ha ha… Congrats!

  5. Sus

    There’s a flower that I’ve grown in Michigan called a cosmo that looks just like your photograph. They grow on long, thin stems with several blossoms per plant. They are usually pink, purple, or white.

    Congrats on your 1000 hits.

  6. CB

    That’d be ’cause those are cosmos, I think. Or, at least, Maureen put “Cosmos” as the alt-text for that picture.

  7. CB

    Ooh, that was an answer to a question above…

    I phail

  8. Cecy

    Do I still get a postcard? Miss you!

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