Mini Monster Turns 3

Once again, I can do this because it is October 22…somewhere. This is the creature himself, wearing the cowboy shirt my mom picked up for him in Texas. He seemed pretty happy with it and I got in a few ‘modeling’ shots before he lost patience.

We managed to get about three hours of good behavior out of him by saying things like ‘would a grown-up three-year-old throw food on the floor?’ or ‘would a big boy scream when we have to turn the TV off for dinner?’ It only lasted until he started declaring that he wanted to be two forever.

They’ve been spreading the birthday stuff out over a week so that he doesn’t explode with kid crazies. They went out to dinner with a another family with toddlers on Sunday, he got a cute card from his preschool on Tuesday (complete with a current picture of him and a handprint), and ‘yesterday’ he and his mom went to Tokyo to meet his dad, who was trapped on a business trip.

In other news, I have obtained my first Japanese-style cold. No, I haven’t yet given in to the urge to wear a mask like everybody else.



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3 responses to “Mini Monster Turns 3

  1. Sus

    Great pictures of MM. The best thing about three is that it’s not two. Sooner or later they seem to grow up in spite of themselves. Speaking of MMs, dinner with your Mom got postponed when the kitties decided to punish her for spending too much time on her patients and not enough on kitties. It sounds like they made their displeasure known in no uncertain terms. Oops.

  2. jyankee

    It only gets worse you know!!! Ha ha… just kidding.. they do get better, by the time he’s 4 and 5…you’ll hardly notice it was the same MM…!
    Take care of that cold..and yeah the mask thing… ick…

  3. Cecy

    I support the mask! But only if pictures are involved. (Uo-chan?)

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