I finished something!

Okay, technically, a half each of two somethings. Socks are complicated that way.

Some of you may have noticed that the knitting dropped off precipitously when I arrived in Japan. Probably because my sitting in front of the internet time was severely curtailed.

However, every year, I participate in 14valentines, a community geared towards raising awareness about womens’ issues. For the first fourteen days of February for the past three years (though the first year was a single person effort), people have posted stories, essays, recipes, and pictures to draw attention to specific issues facing women today. For the past two years, I have participated by posting about a knitted object of mine (or a group of knitted objects) each day for the whole period.

Just thinking about that and planning my list of items for 2009 was enough to get the itch going again. I promptly dragged out my needles and yarn…and finished two socks from two different pairs. Right. Whoops.

The blue sock on the left is the first of a pair of Naragansett Bay Socks, from the book A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. The yarn is the Dolphin colorway of Knit Picks’ Gloss. I love this yarn and wish it came in more colors. Knit up in this pattern, it’s very smooshy and warm.

I’ve already started on the second sock, because the pattern is easy enough to memorize and knit on the train. Gives the Japanese people something to stare at besides my hair.

The sock on the right is one of a pair of Slippery Socks, available free from the online knitting magazine Knitty. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, that I got from a friend for my birthday last year. I’m a little worried that I didn’t bring enough to finish the second sock here in Japan, but experience has taught me that I’m almost always wrong about these things. The pattern isn’t too difficult, but it’s definitely not train-proof. I only finished it because there was only about three or four inches left to go when it made it’s international voyage. Definitely boot sock quality, so I’m looking forward to January in Minnesota.



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4 responses to “I finished something!

  1. Dad

    Handsome pieces of work there. I love “smooshy.” Fully descriptive; it says a whole sentence of adjectives in one word!

  2. Sus

    Your socks are really beautiful.. and your Dad is right, smooshy says it all.

    I remember when I was traveling in Europe (I was about the age you are now, so this must be about 40 years ago…ouch), a friend and I pulled out our knitting on the train prompting shocked reactions from all the European ladies who couldn’t believe that two young Americans knew how to knit. They were even more perplexed when I told them that no, I had not learned from my mother. She always said she could only knit triangles because of a combination of dropped stitches and the fact that her knitting got tighter and tighter until she could barely force the needles through.

  3. Mom

    They are beautiful!

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