A Few Random Animal Pictures

We had a five day break here in Nagoya, thanks to the school festival and Culture Day. A lot of my classmates got out of town, but I decided to hang out and catch up on sleep. I did manage to get to the Higashiyama Zoo last Friday, though. It was a pretty good size for Japan, with a lot of interesting animals. The cages could have been a little larger though.

Unfortunately, when I went through my pictures of the trip, I found that I couldn’t really pull together a decent narrative from them. Instead, I’ll just show you some of the more interesting ones.

This a Fishing Cat. The zoo had a whole row of rare Asian cats lined up in the middle of the park. I’d never even heard of most of them. They also had raccoons (!) and a Bengal cat, whihc surprised a lot of us. It looked just a regular house cat that had wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time.

My actual gorilla pictures weren’t that great, but I did get a comparison picture of my left hand with that of a male adult gorilla.

To go with their row of rare cats, they also had a row of monkeys. I don’t remember any of the names, but the monkeys were kept in family sets and quite a few of them had tiny little babies running around, acting like fools.

For example, this little gremlin.

The zoo was pretty large, with an included children’s park and botanical garden. The children’s park had a petting zoo and a ‘Squirrel and Small Birds Forest.’ Or ‘bird-watching-lite,’ as we referred to it.

There were all sorts of different birds in the enclosed aviary and you could actually get pretty close. This Mandarin duck and its friends were pretty good about letting people come close.

The squirrel part was a bit of a disappointment since it appeared that the critters had vanished into their nests for the afternoon. There were only two out and about, being fed acorns by passer-by.

Tomorrow – Nanzan University’s cultural festival.


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  1. Michaela

    I love the kitties. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

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