12 on the 12th, 9 Days Old

So I’ve done some reasearch (hah!) on 12 on the 12th and apparently, I’m doing it wrong. Luckily, I’m far enough removed, internet-wise, that I think I’ll stick with the way I’ve been doing it.

Anyways, that makes this November’s 12 on the 12th, 12 pictures that I took during that Wednesday.

First up was a return to the cat cafe, this time with my dad in tow.

This was one of the first going-ons that we saw coming in the door. They have these stairs blocked off, but this chick was determined to make her way up there, even if it meant climbing around the outside of the banister. She had a few other escape artist tendencies – the next customers to come in the door found themselves being charged by about seven pounds of cat flesh, only to be saved by a quick-acting cafe employee.

The adult cats were being rather snobbish that afternoon, deigning only to snuggle with people who had forked over yen for the cafe-approved cat treats. The black and white cat in this picture, if you look close enough, has something interesting going on – he seemed to have extremely shortened leg joints. I tried to look up the condition on line, but was hampered by the fact that I hadn’t even heard of cats with dwarf-like characteristics. Also, Wikipedia couldn’t help me when I typed in ‘Corgi cat.’

The kittens, on the other hand, stuck in their cage, were almost needy. The black and white one here would almost throw itself at the bars when someone came close enough. The tabby, I believe, is a hold over from the litter that was there the last time I visited.

Darn cute and probably a good deal cheaper than their fellows at the pet store.

Our next stop was Sakae, to get myself a new electronic dictionary and to see Nagoya Tower, pictured here.

The story of my electronic dictionary is a long and somewhat expensive one. I purchased a red and black Nintendo DS at the beginning of the summer, along with the “game” Kanji Sono Mama, which allowed you to search for kanji (Chinese Characters) by writing them on the screen with a stylus. I happened to be trying out a different game one day and the dictionary cartridge was batted off of my desk by one of the cats. I searched for it all summer, but gave up late in August and bought a replacement. That cartridge was, of course, found under the couch by by my mom last week. Go figure.

Then, more than a month ago, I got home one Monday evening to discover that my DS was no longer in my backpack. After backtracking and leaving notice with what felt like every lost-and-found agency in the city for weeks, but finally gave up because translation homework was starting to loom. I went out to get a new one…only to discover that due to the impending holiday season and the release of the Nintendo DSi, every electronics store in Nagoya was out of that game system.

Unless I wanted I pink one, of course. *sigh*

I’ll admit, the color is starting to grow on me.

After that purchase and lunch at McDonalds, we bought tickets to head up to the Sky Balcony, about 100 meters off the ground. This is the shadow of Nagoya Tower projected onto one of the nearby buildings.

This is the Oasis 21 building. I’m actually not sure which part of it is the actual “building,” mostly because when friends say to “meet at Oasis 21” they mean where the subway system empties onto that open area you can see under the raised piece of glass.

This is pretty neat – a Shinto shrine on top of one of the skyscrapers. Also neat – this picture was taken at maximum zoom on my camera and I then went into settings and magnified again by 3.2. Another reason for why they’ll be prying this camera out of my cold dead fingers.

Proof that my dad was in Japan. Unfortunately, most of my other pictures of him came out looking photoshopped.

I almost fell over taking this, an “up-the-kilt” shot, to quote David Weber, of the tower from the balcony. Even the picture makes me a little queasy. Luckily, the balcony was sufficiently fenced in that we felt comfortable getting close to the edge.

Finally, to close things up – the remains of dinner at the same conveyor-belt sushi place as before. I didn’t manage to get Daddy to eat anything raw, but he put away a fair amount of cooked shrimp and salmon.


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  1. Erin

    Try wiki-ing “munchkin cat”! Apparently they’re really popular in Japan right now… or so says the preponderance of videos on Youtube.

    Also, I have your box of raisins, but just as I was about to send it (spurred by the receipt of your second postcard), I saw the news about your living circumstances. New address?

    (AHAHAHAHAHA PINK. Lauren has a pink one too.)

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