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Nagoya Station from Nanzan University

Thanks muchly for the suggestions for upcoming posts in the last entry. From what I’ve received so far, I’ll probably being doing a least three posts based on what I got there – one on Nanzan and the student experience here and one on various topics that have more to do with Japan as a whole, such as shopping, Nagoya in comparison to other places, and Japanese feelings about the US.

I also seemed to have neglected to mention an important fact in this space – I currently have a part time job at the elementary school attached to Nanzan University. Once a week, for two hours I am an English Teaching Assistant as part of the after school program. The teacher-in-charge’s goal is to mix fun with learning and get the kids interested in foreign languages. The kids’ goals are, in this order, to make fun of my Japanese, use their colored pencils wherever possible, and pull things out of our pockets to play with. The other TAs and I have the goal of trying to survive the experience.

I do have one additional goal, however. To survive the experience without getting neck strain. I’ve been wanting to do a post about the munchkins (since I have crazy nicknames for each and every one of them) but it’s taking longer than I expected to get permission to take photos. They seem to be afraid that I’m going to sell them or something.



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3 responses to “Blog Stats and Blog Fodder

  1. hello! i am indonesian… would you tell me about education in Japan??? About curriculum maybe or about facillity in there??

  2. Sus

    I see from your description of educational goals that Japanese education has many similarities with American education, at least in the priorities of the students. While my students do not have the opportunity to laugh at my Japanese, you should hear the giggles when I teach French or (much worse) Spanish. Colored pencils must be one of those things which cross all cultural boundaries, like taking apart Oreos to eat the cream first. I do not, however, have the problem of neck strain unless I’m in the upper school, in which case it goes in the opposite direction. The little kids all think it’s very cool when they get taller than me, a goal that my students have that yours probably do not.

  3. Hey. I was looking for blogs about study abroad at Nanzan (I’m going there through IES in January), and found yours. It’s been pretty informative so far, and the pictures you take are (mostly) different from what my friend (Renee, if you know her) (and someone else I found randomly who goes to my school) took.
    From the textbook you posted before, I was wondering if you’re in 400 or 500. What’s class like? (I’ve done through chapter 5 of IAIJ.) You also mentioned translation class, and I really want to sign up for that as well, so some idea of what that’s like would be nice too.
    I have been wondering though about the dorms, and life in the dorms. What do the rooms look like? I signed up for that, but no one seems to say much about it.

    Sorry for the randomness, but I’m down to the last month before going now, and my brain’s gone a little crazy. 🙂

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