I Say Hello

Okay, so there’s something I need to bring up. I won’t be posting here anymore starting sometime in mid-January. Obviously this blog is about my experiences in Japan and I leave for home on the 20th. There’s only so much mileage I can drag out of my PTSD. I hope.

Instead, I’ll be creating a new blog, as yet unnamed for general day-to-day things, seemingly like every other person on Earth. Topics to be included in the new blog, in case you’re interested:

– Knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. Every year in February, I have a presentation of knitting to make of about 14-20 items. I still have eight things to finish by the 8th of that month, plus a new baby cousin, plus my own, deep desire to knit something with chunky yarn and large needles (what was I thinking, bringing only socks and lace to Japan?).

– Medical school, the application process. I have to *gulp* take the MCATs this upcoming spring, in preparation for applying to medical school my senior year.

– I’ll be living in a house with two of my best friends and a kitty cat. Yes, I have a cat. Isn’t it in the rules somewhere? 

– I read. A lot. Derive from that what you will.

Expect notice of the new blog sometime in late December.



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4 responses to “I Say Hello

  1. Dad

    Good luck with all of it — looking forward to hearing about all that comes your way. I love you so much…

  2. CB

    Yeah, but what good is a personal blog that talks about your living situation when your housemates read it?

    Although I guess that would be a pretty good passive-aggressive way of letting us know we’re getting on your nerves…

    …okay, I’ll make sure to keep reading.

  3. jyankee

    Awesome..just let me know the new site and I’ll be there!

  4. Sus

    Glad to hear you’ll continue having a blog. I like knitting and kitties and books. And your new roommates, too. See you soon.

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