Closing Up Shop

I’ve started packing about 10 days early, but really, what else do I have to do besides study?

Don’t answer that.

I’ve been putting off the dorm post mostly because I am really, really looking forward to going home and I’ve discovered that it’s colored my opinion of Japan. Just a bit.

Student Who’s Staying Next Semester: How’s the sumie class? Should I take it?

Me: It’s dumb.

SWSNS: So that’s a no?

Me: No. Everything’s dumb right now.

It’s true. Japanese class? Dumb. Finals? Dumb. Grocery shopping? Dumb. Going outside? Dumb. The pile of paper on my floor that I don’t want to pick up? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I’m fairly sure this is just my brain trying to prepare me for the return home – why be unhappy in the country that you’re living in rather than the one you’re going to be leaving in less than two weeks. I’m sure I’ll be deliriously happy when I return home, but right now I’m kind of banging my head against the wall.

So anyways, the dorm. I did a bit of research on the Nanzan University website, jut to make that there were only the two dorms that I knew of. There are and someone has messed up the description – my dorm, Yamazato, is NOT a ‘few meters’ from the University, unless they’re using some sort of definition of ‘university’ that I am unfamiliar with. It’s closer to a few hundred meters away.

Strangely, Nagoya, the other dorm, is described as being ‘a short distance from the University’s main entrance’ when it is in fact, right across the street and slightly to the left of the main entrance. D’oh.

I was going to take pictures of the inside, but it’s not very photogenic and the residents are mostly entirely camera-shy. So have a picture of my room.

It’s a mess, mostly because I’m packing/trying to figure the cost of the stuff I bought here instead of studying for my listening comprehension exam (which is tomorrow) or my kanji/vocabulary exam (which is the day after that).

I’ve also taking to knitting incessantly, finding that it takes the edge off of crazed cabin fever. So here, a picture of the mysterious red thing from before.

It’s the Eiffel sweater, from Knitty. I’m knitting it up in Jarbo Garn’s Tropik, a cotton, bamboo, acrylic blend. Incredibly soft stuff. Sadly, this picture was taken a few days ago and not long afterwards the whole thing was declared ‘dumb’ and stuffed into a drawer. Instead, I taught myself to cable without a cable needle and got back to the Slippery Socks.

And finally, what’s a living situation without a little missionary work?



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5 responses to “Closing Up Shop

  1. Dad

    I love it! And the Knitting god spaketh, “Go Forth into all the parts of the World, my Prophet, and Knit and Spread the Word until all my People are Knitting!” At this point, “dumb” is probably a good thing, don’t worry about it. ENJOY the rest of your time there and you’ll be home before you know it…

  2. Lisa Clouse

    Yeah, our bodies definitely try and prepare us for big changes…it’s been such a treat to hear about your adventures. Thanks to your mom for sneaking me the address. 🙂 I doubt you’ll come to visit your mom at work, so I probably won’t see you often, but I hope your Christmas Break is restful and that you acclimate well! I remember coming home from Spain several years ago after a semester abroad, and it was crazy being on a highway again. Acclimation happened pretty quickly though. Have a wonderful Chistmas and New Years!

  3. Sus

    I do believe I hear the call of the homing pigeon with her radar set for Arizona. Maybe things will look better when your exams are over and you can enjoy the things you’ll miss about Japan without feeling guilty about not studying. Enjoy when possible and we’ll see you soon.

  4. Alicia

    Interesting. I just got my COE and housing “information” today, and I’m apparently being sent off to live in “Dormitory Yashirodai.” Have you heard anything about that place? I’m assuming it’s one of the mysterious “we ran out of room in our own dorms, so we’re sending you somewhere else to live” dorms. It’s in Meito-ku.

  5. Mom


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