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Leaving on a JET Plane

A week, 2.5 months, who’s counting?

Actually, when I posted my previous entry, I expected to have more information fairly shortly. Instead I ended up waiting more than a month to learn where I would be sent, and another week to get in contact with my predecessor. By then, I had become rather busy and completely forgotten that I had ever said anything about being back in a week.

Anyway! My senior year of college I applied to the JET Programme, with the aim of heading to Japan to help teach English the following summer. I applied in November, interviewed in February in Chicago…and was rejected.

Luckily, I got in when I reapplied this go-around and will be leaving for Japan the day after tomorrow. I’m contracted for a year, but I’ll probably be staying at least two, maybe three.

I’m heading to the northernmost of the home islands of Japan, Hokkaido. I asked for a suburban or rural placement and rural is exactly what I got! I’ll be the ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) for Otobe, Hokkaido’s three elementary schools and one junior high school. There isn’t much info on Otobe in English, but you can GoogleMap it easily enough. There’s also this, the photo news section of the town’s website. It’s all in Japanese, but you can click on the links to see pictures from various events around town.

I’ll probably be blogging at least once every two weeks, though I hope to aim for weekly. Thanks for reading!


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