Bedroom Before and After

Here’s my main bedroom (there are two, but the other is currently my office), the day I moved in:

Here’s the bed, with the dry-cleaned sheets and blanket. There’s also a dresser to my right.

Here’s my wardrobe and closet:

The closet is big enough to sleep in, but not great for hanging up clothes, hence the wardrobe.

Here’s the room now – even though these pictures were taken back in September, it’s still basically the same…few more blankets on the bed, though.

The bed’s kind of neat – there’s an attached shelf, some drawers, and a reading light. I keep some cat manga up there, along with my stuffies.

Top of the dresser, with a few pictures and my wolves.



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3 responses to “Bedroom Before and After

  1. Sus Baker

    I recognize at least one of those pictures.

  2. maurimoii

    From left to right, there’s Charlie, Tasha, and I at Tasha’s wedding, one of Robert and I after graduation, and the photo of the five of us in front of the house before graduation.

  3. Sus Baker

    I spotted the grad picture, which is one of my favorites. Guessed the Robert picture, but didn’t recognize the wedding picture. Was thinking about the Tombstone photo when I saw Patrick’s name in an article about Occupy Wall Street. I still chuckle every time I see it.

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