Morning Meeting

I believe I’ve mentioned our morning meeting before – for a few minutes, the section chiefs and the BOE head brief us on the day’s upcoming events. My section chief speaks, then the community center’s section chief, then the BOE head, then we all sit down and get to work. Takes about 45 seconds.

And then there’s today…

Section Chief: Good morning.
Everyone: Good morning.
Section Chief: Nothing really specific today. M-san (my supervisor) is taking a vacation day. The Head’s going to a meeting later today, he leaves at 10AM.
Community center section chief: The community center opens tomorrow at 10AM. The elementary school has a presentation on Sunday, Section Chief, BOE Head and I will be attending.
Section Chief: Anything, Head?
Head: Nah, not really.
Everyone: *goes to sit down*
Section Chief: Ooh, I just remembered!
Everyone: *pops back up again*
Section Chief: N-san’s back is still bothering him, that’s why he hasn’t been in this week. Looks like he’ll have to miss a lot of days in November too, until he’s better. That’s all.
Everyone: *goes to sit down*
Head: It’s really unfortunate…
Everyone: *stands up again*
Head:…let’s try to be careful about our health, everyone. Eat well so you don’t get sick and be careful about strenuous activity.
Everyone: *keep standing, glancing around at each other, and then faux-nonchalantly sit down again*



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2 responses to “Morning Meeting

  1. Sus Baker

    I suppose that wouldn’t have been the best time to pull out the Halloween candy.

  2. maurimoii

    Thematically, no. But I probably would have gotten away with it because the Head has a sweet tooth.

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