12 on the 12th – Typical Day

My brain is broken – on Wednesday, I was all set to take 12 pictures on the 12th, to help kickstart my blogging in the New Year. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, so I spent the day recharging it and resigning myself to taking 13 pictures on the 13th. Which I did, yesterday.

Now, gentle reader, you are, at this moment, probably a tad puzzled, because a quick look at the calendar will show that Wednesday was the eleventh, not the twelfth. If I took my pictures yesterday (Thursday), that was the twelfth.

Yep. And I only realized that as I wrote the title for today’s post and noted that I had been writing 1/13 on my paperwork all day and…what day was it, anyway?!

I guess that makes this Friday the 13th. Huh. I’m really out of it.

Moving on! Twelve pictures, taken January 12, 2012, showing a typical day.

Good morning! And welcome to all of the snow, all of the time! It’s started snowing fairly regularly right before Christmas and except for a few warm days around the New Year’s weekend, when all of the snow slid off my roof and tried to kill me, none of it has gone away. I used to be pretty on top of clearing the doorway, but I’ve had to let it go for now since I don’t have the tools to chip away the stuff on my steps. In this picture, you can see the path I’ve been trying to maintain, with little success. Between new snow and the wind, most of work is undone by the time I get home. The path doesn’t even go all that far. My neighbors and I have been working hard, but there’s still a 10-yard stretch of high drifts that we despair of.

I’m lucky though, since the drifts form on the south side, away from my door. My neighbor, who was gone for almost all of Christmas and New Year’s never had a chance – he sort of has to clamber out of his house.

Crazy icicles hanging off my roof, along with all of the snow ever.

Back towards my door. I used to get to my car by going between the shed and my house (to the left), but the snow’s thigh deep there, so it’s a no-go until spring.

The next time I buy snow-boots, I’m shooting for calf or thigh height footwear. Actually, after I took this, I went back inside and changed them out for my rain boots, because I was sick of sinking into drifts over my ankles and filling my shoes with snow.

Now, you may be wondering why on Earth I’m wearing tights and a skirt in this weather. Unfortunately, such are the perils of spending 20 minutes a day engaged in snow removal and eight hours in an overheated office.

My neighbor’s bright orange ‘mama dump’ – mama dump-truck. Much more efficient for snow removal than your average snow shovel. Of course, by the time I clued in, the store was sold out.

The pile of snow in front of my house, left by the plow that “clears” the street.

Hiding behind the pile.

The sky behind the Board of Education – looks fairly peaceful, but the wind was blowing like crazy – it hit 19.9m/s (about 45mph) that day.

What I spent most of the day doing – studying kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese). I’m studying for a test two weeks hence and am trying to take advantage of school being out to cram as much practice in as possible.

The path again around 5PM, with some wind damage. You can see where the mailman flailed his way to my neighbor’s, after leaving the path.

Someone else, the propane man most likely, had decided to chance the path between the house and the shed. I was alarmed to discover this hanging out there:

Probably need to try and knock that down before it kills someone.



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3 responses to “12 on the 12th – Typical Day

  1. Dad

    Good grief, I didn’t realize the snow had been piling up that much there! We got a dusting here the other day, but this weekend’s warmup will leave us with bare ground again. Good luck with your snow shovel!

  2. Mom

    When I was in elementary school the girls all wore dresses to school. In snowy weather we pulled long heavy wool pants on over our tights. The boots were the kind that fit over shoes. When we got to school we pulled all our wet clothes off and hung them in the cloakroom. What an aroma! Wet wool!

  3. Mom

    Oh, and love the glow-in-the dark “mama dump”!

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