Knitting update

I know I get a lot of referrals from my Ravelry profile, so maybe it’s time to bring back some fiber content.

My most recently finished project was a very simple hat, back in October. I currently have two large scale projects on the table that need to be completed by the end of this month, so my finish rate has slowed to a crawl.

Super Hat, Malabrigo Rasta, no pattern.

I made this hat to go with my Super Mittens, which I started wearing fairly regularly last winter. I couldn’t find an exact pattern that fit with what I wanted, so I just cast on 50 stitches, knit a little 1×1 rib, knit plain, and then started decreasing when it looked big enough. The yarn is super-bulky Malabrigo Rasta, in Archangel, which I think of as “snack yarn” – it’s expensive, only comes 90 yards to a skein, scoffs at dyelots, and I adore it. It’s better suited to hats; I have to shave the mittens each winter or they’d be a felted mess.

Now, for the WIPs. The first of my current headaches:

Pryderi knee socks, Knit Picks Gloss Fingering, Rhiannon by Cookie A.

This is one of a pair of knee socks that needs to be completed by November 30th, Pacific time, last in a series of projects I’ve been working on since May 2009. (Yikes!) It’s not as dire as it looks, the other sock is just missing a foot and a few inches of leg. If things go according to schedule, I should have the finished pair to show you next Wednesday.

My other headache:

Ministry Spies, Korknisse by Manne.

I need to finish 60 gnomes by November 25th. Not sure what’ll I do with them after that; the last time I did this, I scattered them all over the Macalester College library. Harder to do the same here – less anonymity. Again, hopefully they’ll be complete by next Wednesday. Actually, the knitting of them is complete…I just have to hide four ends per finished gnome. 45 gnomes down, 15 to go.


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