Knee-highs and Gnomes

I’ll take Spelling That Drives My Students Crazy for 300, Alex.

Sometimes I feel bad for them, having to remember that ‘n’, ‘kn’, and ‘gn’ all make the same sound. Then I remember that I have another 1000 kanji to learn before I’m considered a literate adult in Japanese.


Pryderi knee socks, Knit Picks Gloss Fingering, Rhiannon by Cookie A

This pattern spent a lot of time in my queue before I got around to it. Rav says I picked it out July 2010, but I didn’t start them until this September. Cookie A writes many, many amazing sock patterns, some lovely and simple, others completely insane. There’s a technique in this pattern that I actually wasn’t able to carry out as written – instead of having you cast on enough stitches at the the start of the cuff for all of the cables, she instead has you increase right before starting the cables and decrease when they’re done. It’s a very clever technique and makes the cuff and toe much less baggy, I suspect. The cuff increases were so horrifying, however, that when I scheduled the knitting of the second sock, I set aside a whole evening just for the increase row.

Horseshoe cable running up the back of the sock.

The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss Fingering, a merino/silk mix. The colorway is Honey, which has been discontinued since I bought it. I’m hoping that the silk content holds up well, but I’m not counting on wearing these very often anyway. Not even I can get away with knee high yellow socks every week. They’ll also need some sort of garter set-up – the ribbing and calf shaping won’t keep the cuffs up for longer than five minutes.

Next, my other WIP from last week:

Ministry Spies, Korknisse by Manne.

Sixty gnomes, made from just leftover worsted scraps and wine corks. Now, before you look at me askance, 1) the corks were donated by multiple people and 2) they took about two years to collect. I am not a lush. The scraps are mostly Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in Persimmon, Chestnut, Semolina, Forest Heather, and others.

My plan? To leave them in random places over the next month.

Now, except for some bits and pieces, I don’t really have any WIPs going. Starting December 1, however, I’m hoping to do something with these:

Rainbow minis.



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6 responses to “Knee-highs and Gnomes

  1. Angie

    I found your blog the other day, i think i was stalking your queue in Rav and somehow ended up here and now I just saw your post on Facebook.
    I really enjoy your posts, you’re funny. And it’s so interesting to read about Japan and your life there.
    I especially liked the post where you explain the proper way to place your six blankets when it’s freezing outside.
    Oh, BTW it’s Angiejude from HPKCHC!!! In case you were wondering why a complete stranger is reading your posts!!

    • maurimoii

      Yeah, I just decided last week to get back into blogging. It got hard to keep up, living here. It all became so normal, though everyone I talk to thinks it must be a fantastic adventure.

      Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks, the socks were fun!

  2. Angie

    Oh and COOL SOCKS.

  3. Awesome little gnomes!!

  4. Marie (marigo)

    wow, love the stockings! I may have to put that one in my rav queue (along with the other ten or so….) cute gnomes 😀

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