Photo Monday – Waves and Post

Two pictures today.

Stormy day near the elementary school.

Stormy day near the elementary school.



Japanese post office box.



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3 responses to “Photo Monday – Waves and Post

  1. I love that post box! The boxes here are kind of weird and I didn’t really recognize them at first for what they were. I’ll have to share a photo of them sometime soon.

    • maurimoii

      I was really confused for awhile because here the word ‘post’ means just the post box, not mail in general or the postal service. Kind of surprising when you think you ask for a post office and get a mailbox instead!

      • Interesting! It’s funny when things are different like that – there was something or other that Ken was looking for at the hardware store here last summer. We went to three different places and none of them had any clue what he was talking about. We were at Canadian Tire last week and he found it by chance while looking for something else – apparently it’s just as common here as in the US, they just call it something different. (I have no idea what it was, wish I could think of it, but c’est la vie.)

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