WIP Confession

(A WIP, for the uninitiated, is a Work In Progress, a craft/writing/DIY/etc project that is not yet finished)

I tend to not keep many WIPs in my knitting basket. It’s rare these days for me to start something that I don’t like and if I happen to do so, I tend to take it off the needles and return the yarn to its storage cubby before getting too far. If it’s something I really want to finish, I rework it until it ‘flows’ right.

But sometimes, I start something, set it down and get caught up in other things. I try to re-evaluate these projects occasionally and frequently they end up returned to yarn weeks or months later. I may really want something, but if I haven’t touched it in that long, it needs to go. I need the needles back if nothing else.

Since my current project is only just underway and a mass of very little knitting and a lot of yarn ends, I thought I’d share with you last night’s WIP check. At the moment, I only have two.*

Noro Striped Scarf, by Jared Flood

Noro Striped Scarf, by Jared Flood

Obviously, I was really into this. The idea is that you alternate two color-changing skeins of yarn, doing two rows of each. Each skein changes at its own rate and you end up with a striped scarf. I don’t even remember when I started this, just the desire for a long, skinny striped scarf. Considering how much I knit on it, I should probably just rip it out and save it for another day. In fact, I think I will this afternoon.

Definitely can’t do that with this next one.

Yuma Double Knitting Mittens, by Alexandra Wiedmayer

Yuma Double Knitting Mittens, by Alexandra Wiedmayer

Pretty cool, huh? I started these over a year ago and never managed to make any sort of significant progress on them at the right time. Now they languish, too far along to be frogged, not far enough along to be finished off in a week or two of steady knitting. They’re going back in the knitting bag to think about their fate.

Want to see something neat?

Inside of the cuff.

Inside of the cuff.

They’re reversible. That’s what the ‘double knitting’ in the pattern name refers to – you knit both the inside and the outside at the same time by alternating each stitch with two different balls of yarn. You could use this technique to knit two socks at once, one inside the other, like Anna Karenina, or (as in these mittens) alternate colors so that the inside is a negative of the outside.

Of course, now that I’ve looked at both of these WIPs, I’m itching to try them again. Unfortunately, I need to practice project monogamy for at least the rest of December. Hope to show you why next week!

*This is a lie, but a pair of socks and a shawl escaped the sweep by not being where they were supposed to be.




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3 responses to “WIP Confession

  1. Marie

    I really like that double knitting mitten. Is it supposed to be a coyote? Pretty!

  2. The mittens are beautiful! I love the colors – I hope you finish them.

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