Photo Monday – Snow Shoveling

Before and After

Before and After

Not a terrifying amount of snow yet, no. Still, what caught me up last year was not keeping up with the shoveling of the not-terrifying snow. I came home from a trip over Christmas and never caught up with what had fallen over that weekend. The worst was the hard-packed snow directly in front of the door that eventually turned to diamond, piled up so high that I had to step down into my house, and didn’t melt until late March, long after the rest of the snow was gone.

Also, this year I obtained a ‘Mama Dump-truck’, the large red shovel you see in the second picture. Made clearing the path for the mailman much easier.

I’ll have to keep an eye on the house across the way. Last year, my neighbor gave up on shoveling sometime after the New Year, reduced to flailing over the waist high drift in front of his door. This year nobody lives there and I’m interested in seeing how high the snow gets.

Of course, I woke up to more snow on the step this morning and as I type this even more is falling heavily from the skies.



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2 responses to “Photo Monday – Snow Shoveling

  1. Sus Baker

    There’s a reason I live in Arizona…..

  2. Dad

    I want a “Mama Dump-truck” for Christmas!

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