A Different Perspective

The hardest part of keeping this blog going is keeping enough of an ‘outsider’ perspective to know what to right about. All of this has become normal to me – living by the sea in a small town with two convenience stores and a hospital the size of my house.

Otobe from above the cape.

Otobe from above the cape.

Often it’s hard to think of what to write, mainly because I end up thinking you all couldn’t possibly be interested in the minutiae of my life. I know that isn’t true, judging from the amount of time I spent searching for that same minutiae before I came here. Worse, I don’t carry my camera with me as much as I should.

Cape Tate

Cape Tate

So I turn to you once more, gentle reader: what would you like to know? Some of you have been in contact with me and heard mention of something I should write about – what should I elaborate on? I spend 40 a week either at a desk in the Board of Education, out driving to schools, or teaching in schools. On the weekends I drive to Esashi or Hakodate for fun, or rent movies or go to local restaurants. I wish I could show you my students, but I can only tell you stories about them and their lives.

Does anything peak your interest? Ask away, please. I love answering questions.

Incoming storm.

Incoming storm.

(Seriously, anything, this week was terrifically boring.)




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5 responses to “A Different Perspective

  1. Best things to do in southwest hokkaido. Random anecdotes from your students. Life is but a series of minutiae, so embrace it 😉

  2. Dad

    First of all, keep those fantastic pictures coming! We’ll talk about some other ideas I have…

  3. jhreber@aol.com

    Happy Holidays!

    Does Ptobe have a fishing fleet? A group of smaller size boat fishermen (women)? I love the ocean pictures. The changing light, clouds, waves. I can feel the moisture and imagine the wind and chill.

    We strive for a week that is a bit more excitng at other ends of spectrums. Reporting on the harsh actions of a few individuals overshadows so many normal and positive choices that we made last week.

    Best wishes,

    Uncle John

  4. Nagoya life/people vs. Otobe life/people!

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