Oops Update and a Mystery

Monday was a national holiday here, in honor of the emperor’s birthday on Sunday. It was just enough to throw me off, so this week’s knitting post is for Thursday, rather than Wednesday.

Besides, it’s just the same project over and over. And I can’t seem to photograph it well to boot.


I’ve moved into my third row of orange. According to my calculations, I need at least 6.5 rows of each color category (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple*) to balance the blanket. I overcompensated with red, doing eight rows, since I’m concerned about some categories not being able to make the full six-seven rows. I’m a little over a quarter of the way through at this point and I have a whole week off next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up on my goals.

The mystery, you ask? Has nothing to do with knitting.

Last year, when my car was being a jerk, I needed to loan my spare key to my supervisor so that he could move it and I could go home to await the verdict. He returned it forthwith, but I forgot to re-add it to my keychain and one day when I set myself to finding it, it was nowhere to be found. This was literally almost exactly a year ago – the car broke down December 20th.

Wednesday morning I putting my garbage out for collection in the wooden box constructed for such use (seen in the third picture of this post) and noticed a key resting on the roof of it.

A car key.

A car key that looked exactly like my car key, down to the numbers stamped on the side.

It was my key – used it to drive to work this morning and everything!

Where has it been all year? How did it get on top of the trash box? Of all the times to be found, this seems the least likely – snow covering everything and the plow churning things up.



* I combined indigo and violet into purple because I cannot reliably tell the difference between the two.



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2 responses to “Oops Update and a Mystery

  1. Sus Baker

    Nac Mac Feegle

    • maurimoii

      They seem more the type to steal the car, rather than return the car key.

      …though that could explain my really bad recent gas mileage.

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