A hat, a hat!

Once again, I am blaming the Happy Monday System for throwing off my schedule. However, I am pleased to be sharing with you something other than the blanket.


Gretel, by Ysolda Teague.

I promised a friend a hat for her birthday back in July and after going through my vast collection, she decided on this one (Rav link), in green. I had to wait until fall to buy the yarn, since the general store doesn’t stock it in summer and I don’t have any green yarn. Call it a character flaw.

This is the fourth Gretel that I’ve knitted. It’s a very quick pattern (this hat was completed over four days of train rides), and the finished product is popular with non-knitters. I never seem to wear the two I’ve made for myself, however, most likely due to poor yarn choices.

Next week – the blanket returns! Hopefully it will look noticeably bigger to your eyes, after a two week break.



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2 responses to “A hat, a hat!

  1. The hat came out great! Just wondering what yarn you used. 🙂

    • maurimoii

      Thanks! The yarn’s a cheap 100% worsted wool that shows up in shops around here in September. 105 yen ($1.20) for 70m, so not bad.

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