Sweater in 15 Minutes a Day

The beginning of all sweaters - yarn snot.

The beginning of all sweaters – yarn snot.

Last week I posted about being inspired for a knitting project by a book called ‘Japanese in Ten Minutes a Day’. Those kind of books always drove me nuts back in the day. I mean even now, more than ten years after I started studying Japanese, I still study at least 30 minutes a day just to keep my skills up and to learn new vocabulary. Sometimes it’s more like two hours, when I’m studying for the JLPT (just passed N2, whoot!) or the Kanji Kentei. Ten minutes? Not going to cut it, especially if you want to live here.

Despite that, it was that book that I was thinking of last week when I was overcome with the urge to start a sweater. As you may have noticed, my knitting blog posts have been a tad single-minded recently – blanket, slightly larger blanket, even slightly larger than that blanket. That’s not my usual MO. I much prefer to have multiple large projects on the go, along with a couple of smaller, more portable ones. Unfortunately, work limits my time to the point that all of my knitting time has to go to the blanket to finish it before March 31st.

But I really needed a break. And I haven’t knit a sweater in two years (gah).

So I worked it out – there were fifteen minutes a day that I couldn’t knit on the blanket anyway: when I’m giving my daily sacrifice to the stationary bike. I tried working on the blanket while chugging away, but now that it’s half done it was much too cumbersome. So. A sweater. In fifteen minutes a day. What you see above is 2.5 hours of work, over ten days. I decided on Mandel (Rav link), a simple sweater that I’ve been wanting to knit for…about two years. It’s the first saddle-shoulder construction I’ve ever made (I’m a top-down raglan kinda girl), so I’m having fun.

Expect to see a sweater in about two years, at this rate.

What's an update without a blanket shot?

What’s an update without a blanket shot?



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3 responses to “Sweater in 15 Minutes a Day

  1. Great idea on the sweater! you’ll have it done before next winter, I bet 😉 and the blanket looks really neat.

  2. Blanket is turning out awesome! I love seeing how it transforms with each post.

    • maurimoii

      Thank you! I’ve been enjoying it as well – the green that I’m adding now is really changing the flavor of it, can’t wait to show you all.

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