Wee, Distant School

Since nothing interesting continues to happen, we proceed with the breakdown of the four (five? six?) schools that I teach at. This one is currently my smallest school, in terms of the number of students. It and the other small elementary school seem to spend the year trading that title back and forth as students transfer in and others move away. At the moment it has two first graders, two second graders, four third graders, three fourth graders, one very lonely fifth grade girl, and four sixth grade boys. The classes double up – first and second in one room, third and fourth, etc.

Elementary School

Elementary School

This building was formerly the junior high school for the area, but was turned into the elementary school about ten years ago when the town closed three junior highs and consolidated them at one central location. The original elementary school is about two blocks away – sometimes it’s used for “ghost” sleepovers by the students during the summer.

The Gym

The Gym

Because the population of the area has never been large, the school is small, with only three regular classrooms, plus a music room, science classroom, and home economics space. It’s nice because the students and staff rattle around less than at the other two elementary schools.

Of course, because of this, they don’t have a dedicated English room. I go from classroom to classroom, carrying my materials. Because there are only 4-7 students in each class, the desks can be easily moved to the sides for games.

3rd and 4th grade room

3rd and 4th grade room

As you can see, the fourth grade desks at the back of the room are turned towards the whiteboard. In the previous class, the teacher had set the third graders to reading while teaching the fourth graders math. The vice-principal and principal are also qualified to teach, so they also help take some of the load off the main teachers.

Library Corner

Library Corner

Which also doubles as a classroom at times. 🙂



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  1. Sus Baker

    Love the little library. So much light! I could definitely read stories there.

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