Sweater and Scarf

Sweater and Scarf

Sweater and Scarf

Sorry to all of you who stop by for the knitting. Turns out that having seven projects on the go is really fun, but doesn’t look all that impressive. Each week I found myself thinking, “Should I show them the half-finished creepy doll body? Or the shawl that has had an additional seven hours of work, but looks no bigger? Or perhaps the neglected sock?”

As it turns out, things are finally starting to move along – the shawl has been sent to time out, the sock has finally reached the heel, and the doll is only missing arms. I won’t show you the doll, because it’s naked little arm-less body really does creep me out, but it, the sweater, and the scarf are probably the next three things that will be completed. The scarf (above) is addictive – I find myself knitting ten more rows than planned, just to get to a color change. The sweater continues at 15 minutes a day (currently at 29h45m) and I cannot wait to get to the sleeves, which my lying little brain tell me will practically fly off the needles. Hah. We’ll see.

Hope to have the scarf done by next week’s knitting update, the sweater by mid-July.


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