Yes, I’m Back


I’ve lived in Minnesota for a little over 4 years now…just not all at once. I first lived here for college, which meant I was only in the Twin Cities for nine months at a time (eight if you take into account my fleeing south every January). However, after finishing with the JET program July 2014, I decided to make St Paul my permanent home. At that point, I didn’t have many choices.

Arizona – now occupied only peripatetically by friends and family. Hot. Governed by people with odd ideas about education and culture.

Washington – specifically Seattle. Now occupied by my mother, an unusual concentration of college friends, and a few cousins. Also, likely to fall into the sea in the near future. (I will point out that I knew Seattle was slated for the Apocalypse well before the New York Times did.)

Minnesota – Now occupied by my father and a less concentrated group of friends. So cold and snowy that I once swore out loud that I wouldn’t move back unless I was rich enough to pay the neighbor kid to shovel my driveway. Also the site of one of the top ten schools for public health in the nation.

…I compromised, bought a new pair of boots and moved into an apartment that didn’t have a driveway.

Next time…so why am I blogging again, if I’ve been hanging around here for a year already?


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