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Catch Up

Every school break, I get all relaxed and de-stressed and start thinking about how this semester is going to be better. This semester I’m going to exercise three times a week. This semester I’m not going to stay up until 1AM before a 9AM shift. This semester I’m going to cut my McDonalds habit down to once a month. This semester I’m going to stay caught up with the blog.

And then the grad school train comes along and I’m off, scooting just barely ahead of it, work shifts, group presentations, meetings, papers, SAS coding flying out of my hands into the ether.

Thankfully, the knitting has stayed caught up. I really don’t have time to be super clever with these posts, but I thought I’d show off a few projects I’ve finished since last November…


First up, my entry for Lot 378 Adult sweater, texture cardigan (glad I saved the description pdf, the state fair site has taken them down in anticipation of the 2016 versions). I used Janet Szabo’s FLAK Workshop Tutorial to knit this – the pattern walks you through a basic saddle-shoulder cabled sweater, with notes that allow you to sub in different cables or collars, or turn the pullover into a cardigan. It’s a great cardi, but I don’t give it a good chance at a blue ribbon, or possibly any ribbon. For starters, the zipper installation is…amateurish. The adult sweater categories are crowded with bad-ass knitters – a sweater of similar cabled complexity took third last year, for example. My finishing technique needs work.


In a similar vein, my entry for Lot 377 Adult sweater, texture pullover. This is a Janet Szabo pattern as well, the Staghorn Aran. The cables between the rope cables on either side of the main cable are the staghorn cables, named for the horns they resemble. I’m a bit happier than this one – the finishing was less complex, so I didn’t have the chance to screw it up.


Moving on from sweaters, here’s a project I have high hopes for – my entry for Lot 359 – Mittens, color pattern. I’m really happy with the colors and how they turned out. Pattern is the Amaryllis Mittens, by Mary Anne Stephens.


This project has caused some disappointment, but not in a way that affects its state fair chances. It’s a great hat for Lot 366 – Cap or hat, color pattern or intarsia.


There’s just one little problem: the i-cord band around the brim came out so tight that every time I tried to wear it I looked like I was giving myself an unneeded facelift. Alas.

I’ll try to keep y’all updated until the fair this summer. I’m also thinking of submitting to the stamp collection and postcard collection divisions, something that’s been rife with a bunch of philatelic technolingo potholes. I might document that process here for anyone else testing the waters, since there’s not much online. Well, that I can find.

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