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I Say Hello

Okay, so there’s something I need to bring up. I won’t be posting here anymore starting sometime in mid-January. Obviously this blog is about my experiences in Japan and I leave for home on the 20th. There’s only so much¬†mileage I can drag out of my PTSD. I hope.

Instead, I’ll be creating a new blog, as yet unnamed for general day-to-day things, seemingly like every other person on Earth. Topics to be included in the new blog, in case you’re interested:

– Knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. Every year in February, I have a presentation of knitting to make of about 14-20 items. I still have eight things to finish by the 8th of that month, plus a new baby cousin, plus my own, deep desire to knit something with chunky yarn and large needles (what was I thinking, bringing only socks and lace to Japan?).

– Medical school, the application process. I have to *gulp* take the MCATs this upcoming spring, in preparation for applying to medical school my senior year.

– I’ll be living in a house with two of my best friends and a kitty cat. Yes, I have a cat. Isn’t it in the rules somewhere?¬†

– I read. A lot. Derive from that what you will.

Expect notice of the new blog sometime in late December.



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