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Closing Up Shop

I’ve started packing about 10 days early, but really, what else do I have to do besides study?

Don’t answer that.

I’ve been putting off the dorm post mostly because I am really, really looking forward to going home and I’ve discovered that it’s colored my opinion of Japan. Just a bit.

Student Who’s Staying Next Semester: How’s the sumie class? Should I take it?

Me: It’s dumb.

SWSNS: So that’s a no?

Me: No. Everything’s dumb right now.

It’s true. Japanese class? Dumb. Finals? Dumb. Grocery shopping? Dumb. Going outside? Dumb. The pile of paper on my floor that I don’t want to pick up? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I’m fairly sure this is just my brain trying to prepare me for the return home – why be unhappy in the country that you’re living in rather than the one you’re going to be leaving in less than two weeks. I’m sure I’ll be deliriously happy when I return home, but right now I’m kind of banging my head against the wall.

So anyways, the dorm. I did a bit of research on the Nanzan University website, jut to make that there were only the two dorms that I knew of. There are and someone has messed up the description – my dorm, Yamazato, is NOT a ‘few meters’ from the University, unless they’re using some sort of definition of ‘university’ that I am unfamiliar with. It’s closer to a few hundred meters away.

Strangely, Nagoya, the other dorm, is described as being ‘a short distance from the University’s main entrance’ when it is in fact, right across the street and slightly to the left of the main entrance. D’oh.

I was going to take pictures of the inside, but it’s not very photogenic and the residents are mostly entirely camera-shy. So have a picture of my room.

It’s a mess, mostly because I’m packing/trying to figure the cost of the stuff I bought here instead of studying for my listening comprehension exam (which is tomorrow) or my kanji/vocabulary exam (which is the day after that).

I’ve also taking to knitting incessantly, finding that it takes the edge off of crazed cabin fever. So here, a picture of the mysterious red thing from before.

It’s the Eiffel sweater, from Knitty. I’m knitting it up in Jarbo Garn’s Tropik, a cotton, bamboo, acrylic blend. Incredibly soft stuff. Sadly, this picture was taken a few days ago and not long afterwards the whole thing was declared ‘dumb’ and stuffed into a drawer. Instead, I taught myself to cable without a cable needle and got back to the Slippery Socks.

And finally, what’s a living situation without a little missionary work?


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Bug-outs, Birthdays, and Burnt Popcorn

I know I’ve been a little scarce over the past week, but don’t feel bad, since all of my journals have suffered due to lack of attention recently. My LiveJournal hadn’t had any attention in almost two weeks and my paper journal is only caught up to this past Saturday, with the last three entries contained within being pretty sorry ones.

The main reason for all of this neglect was due to the fact that my Dad arrived in Nagoya on the 7th and I couldn’t very well tell him to sit still for the hour and a half it takes me on the days that I post/write in all three journals. In fact, internet activity in general was suspended as I was forced to participate in such mundane activites as ‘traveling around the region’ and ‘eating delicious food.’ Oh well. I’ll try hard to get caught up this week, which may be difficult, as all that traveling produced quite a few blog worthy photos.

Unfortunately, all of that was compounded by a much less pleasant subject – I moved out of my host family’s apartment and into the school dorms. About two weeks ago, the weather turned cooler and I started having problems with my left knee (which was injured in high school) on my commute to school, which, since the theft of the bicycle they were loaning me, had mutated into a half an hour of walking plus a twenty-minute subway ride.

On Monday, I told the program here that I would like to move into the dorm if possible. On Wednesday, I told my host family. On Thursday, my host mother called the program with the hope that I would be moving ASAP. This is where things got weird.

She asked to be compensated for the bike that had been stolen from me. The program worked out a deal to get a new bike and called her back with their idea. Probably encouraged by how easily that had gone, they said that they would forget about the bike issue…if I returned the camera that they had bought to replace the one that their kid had destroyed.

I’m fairly sure I marked that as the point that I decided that I never wanted to speak them again. The program ran interference while I packed my stuff and warp speed and shifted base to an extremely posh hotel (my dorm room wasn’t ready yet) Thursday night.


Friday, on my 21st birthday, I finally got set up in what appears to be an extremely adequate single dorm room. My fellow residents seem nice, if not entirely sane, and I think I’ll be fine for the remaining 32 days in Japan.

Speaking of my birthday, it was quite nice, considering the circumstances and the setting. I had a brief moment of ‘butbutbut, no CATS, no Charlie, no Tasha, this birthday thing REEKS,’ but I’m over it. I chickened out on my first taste of alcohol because I didn’t want to spend money on something that I already knew smelled awful and probably tastes worst. Oh well. Lisa says she’s going to take me out for something that my taste buds might be able to stand.

Burned popcorn, you ask? I needed a third ‘b’ phrase and I’m eating it right now.


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