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Photo Dump

While putting together last week’s post, there were a lot of photos that I wanted to use, but couldn’t, since they didn’t fit with the narrative or had been taken on the wrong day.

So think of these as the deleted scenes.

This is the view from the mountain near Shirakawa-go. A bit of a hike to get up there, but pretty awesome scenery.

Another Cosmo flower, like the ones from the previous post.

There were fields of flowers all over the place.

I have no idea why this tree is wrapped up like a Christmas present, but I think my mom would like it.

A lot of the stores in the village, instead of having a fridge for drinks, kept them outside in this neat little set-up. It was actually pretty efficient at keeping the water and Ramune chilled.

Right before we left, I snuck down the bank and took a few pictures of the water, which was freezing.

We were taken on a tour of the forest at the Shirakawa-go Eco Institute. This bell is for alerting bears to our prescence. Hopefully in a time-to-leave kind of way and not in a dinner-is-served kind of way.

It’s hard to see, but most of these dogs are wearing little demon costumes, complete with tiny black wings.

At the famer’s market, most people were selling flowers, chili peppers and apples.

Pears too, as Phil demonstrates here.

Finally, a view of Takayama from the hill we attempted to climb on the way to the park.


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