Getting There

Sorry about the late post. My mild cold from Monday turned into full-on, ‘oh please, just let me die’ illness Tuesday morning. I almost fainted in front of the fifth graders, which would have been a blessing. This year’s batch are a tough crowd, due in part to a teacher who gave up the reins until a little too late in the year. I don’t know whether to be hopeful about their sixth grade year, but eventually they’ll be in junior high school, with multiple teachers to tag-team discipline.

Anyway, lots of time this week, little motivation to do anything besides sit at my desk in a vaguely upright position.

I got back on schedule with the blanket last weekend and hit a major deadline by doing a few mores squares after work in between blowing my nose. The blanket is now 75% complete:



I am five squares into the 31st row, out of 39. There will be eight blue rows total, then five purple rows. On the upper right, you can just see where I’ve started the i-cord edging.

Somebody asked about the sweater. It’s still MIA, until the blanket is more firmly on track for completion by March 31st.


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  1. I am sorry to hear that you were so sick. Your blanket looks amazing as always. Great progress! 🙂

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